The Dean Witter Foundation makes grants to launch and expand innovative conservation and K-12 education programs in Northern California. The Foundation's conservation priorities are to support organizations that conserve, restore, and revitalize natural landscapes; improve the stewardship of water resources; and inspire young people to get outdoors and connected to the environment.

Stories About Our Grantees

Planting Justice: Growing food, jobs and community. That's what this incredible Bay Area organization is accomplishing. But the story of how they are doing it will amaze you.

Aim High: Summer is a time to be different, not a time to be more of the same. So says my guest Alec Lee, co-founder and executive director of Aim High, a tuition-free fun and engaging summer learning and enrichment program.

Islandwood: Located on Bainbridge Island in Washington State is a 255-acre outdoor learning center called IslandWood. In this report you'll meet Dr. John Haskin, Senior Vice President for Education at IslandWood, who introduces us to the programs they offer.

In K-12 education, the Foundation's priorities are to support promising academic programs to help all students develop their full potential; cultivate meaningful advances in the delivery of curriculum; and inspire educational leaders to improve schools.

We encourage prospective applicants to telephone or write the Consultant to determine whether their proposed program falls within the Foundation's areas of interest and grantmaking priorities.