Funding Guidelines

The Dean Witter Foundation, established in 1952, is a private foundation incorporated under California law.

The Foundation accepts grant proposals from tax-exempt charitable institutions as defined under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code on a continuing basis.

Members of the Board of Trustees meet three times a year to review proposals.

Grantmaking Priorities

The Dean Witter Foundation makes grants to launch and expand innovative conservation and K-12 education programs.

The Dean Witter Foundation K-12 Education Mission Statement

The mission of The Dean Witter Foundation K-12 education grant-making program is to help all students develop their full potential and to invest in innovative initiatives to enhance and improve student learning.

The Foundation funds promising academic projects that are replicable across educational institutions; cultivate meaningful advances in the delivery of curriculum; inspire educational leaders to improve schools; and are evidence-based.

Specific areas of current interest include:

Programs to support passionate and committed educational leaders to launch new and innovative initiatives to help students reach their full potential.

Effective Education
Programs that are proven to measurably improve student learning.

Programs to achieve and inspire proficiency and excellence in reading and writing.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM)
Programs to encourage students to increase their aptitude in STEAM and excite young leaners to explore careers in science and engineering.

Graduation Rate
Programs to improve high school graduation rates and college and work readiness of all students.

The Dean Witter Foundation Conservation Mission Statement

The mission of The Dean Witter Foundation conservation grant-making program is to protect wilderness areas and natural resources and to create lifelong stewards of the environment. The Foundation supports organizations based in Northern California and in Colorado and Washington State and does not accept unsolicited proposals for projects.

The Foundation funds innovative projects that conserve, restore, and revitalize natural landscapes; improve the stewardship of water resources; and inspire young people to get outdoors and connected to the environment.

Specific areas of current interest include:

Programs to protect, restore, and manage critical ecosystems, lands, and habitats.

Programs to meet current and future water needs to protect wildlife habitat.

Environmental Education
Programs to expose youth to the natural world and outdoor education.

Programs to engage volunteers in conservation and stewardship.

Matching & Multi-year Grants

The Foundation prefers to award matching or challenge grants and to leverage its support with funding from other sources.